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Jun 25,  · With the help of your Android device and these apps, you won’t need a big telescope to view the stars and see the celestial bodies in outer space. What do you think of Author: Alvin Ybañez. Sky Map is a hand-held planetarium for your Android device. Use it to identify stars, planets, nebulae and more. Originally developed as Google Sky Map, it has now been donated and open sourced. Troubleshooting/FAQ The Map doesn't move/points in the wrong place Make sure you haven't switched into manual mode. Does your phone have a compass?/5(K). Jun 26,  · With the Hotel Reservations app, you can easily find more than 5 million hotels with available rooms for tonight. The app also shows you what the hotel looks like, as .

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Our ancestors viewed the starry sky every night. In their minds and imaginations, they formed stars into unique objects that we now call constellations. They also told stories of how these constellations came to be. We have even sent space missions to discover the mysteries of outer space. With the rapid improvement of Android smartphones, you can also discover the stars and planets right on your Android device.

During a clear night sky, you can see a lot of shiny objects glittering above you. Some are stars, while others are planets. If you want to know which are stars and which are planets, use the Sky Map app to view the night sky. If you see a shiny star in the night sky, just open the app and point it in the direction of the star. The app will automatically display the star and its name. You can also view constellations with this app, allowing you to locate the hunter Orion as it sets and the watch the scorpion as it rises.

Aside from stars, you can also view the planets. You can also view the location of the moon and the sun with Sky Map. Searching for stars and planets is easy. Just like the Sky Map app, the Star Chart app lets you sterne apps android the sterne apps android and the planets right on your Android device, sterne apps android.

The difference between the two is that the Star Chart app lets you enjoy a more animated and illustrated star viewing experience. Look out to the night sky and find Orion and his shiny belt. Look for the half man and half horse constellation Centaur.

Search for the symbol of justice embedded sterne apps android the night sky. You will also be amazed by its cool effects such as the blazing light as you point your device to the sun. You can also tap the star or planet to view more information such as its distance, image, size, and much more, sterne apps android. This app lets you browse cool pictures of the comets, stars, planets, and much more. Just open the app and pick a picture you of what to download as a wallpaper.

Download the twinkling stars of the night sky, the amazing images of the Cone Nebula, an astronaut walking on the moon, a meteorite and its long tail of dust, the aerial view of the earth, sterne apps android, and much more, sterne apps android.

Each picture also includes a brief description so you will get to know more about the image, sterne apps android. You can add to your knowledge about space and planets while putting new and cool images on your Android device.

You can also view space pictures and watch popular videos made by NASA. If you have inherited the blood of a werewolf and you want to monitor the activity of the moon, you should use the Moon Phase Pro app on your Android device, sterne apps android. This app helps you monitor the phases and activities of the moon right from your Android device. You can swipe the moon and check when it will achieve a full moon phase or a waxing crescent phase.

You can also tilt and view the moon from the other side by sliding the screen with two fingers. The app will also tell you when the moon will set and when it will rise. The app also features a moon calendar. This feature lets you view the phases of the moon on each day of the month. The app also lets you add the current phase of the moon as a live wallpaper on your Android device, sterne apps android.

Whether for moon bathing, or preparing for your werewolf transformation, use the Moon Phase Pro to keep track of the phases of the moon. Viewing the celestial bodies in the sky requires a telescope for human eyes to see them clearly. Astronomers and stargazers use different kinds of telescopes to view the night sky as well as special navigation tools to easily search for the stars, constellations, sterne apps android, and planets.

If you have an Android device, you can make your own guiding tool with the SkEye Planetarium Astronomy app. Just like the Sky Map and Sky Chart apps, this app lets you see a detailed map of stars right on your Android device, sterne apps android.

Using this app lets you easily know which stars you are looking at. You can also search the constellations and the planets with this app. Search a star or a planet and the app will guide you towards its direction. This app can also be used together with your telescope, sterne apps android. Just open the app and attach your device to your telescope.

You can have your own guiding tool for your telescope right from your Android device. What are you waiting for? Download the SkEye Planetarium Astronomy app and make your Android device a professional stargazing tool, sterne apps android. Ever wondered what it is like to see space with sterne apps android very own eyes? Primarily, the app will provide you a list of amazing sterne apps android of outer space, stars, galaxies, planets, and much more.

Pictures are also grouped according to the year they were taken. You can even add a widget right on your homescreen to keep you updated on the latest additions. Each picture includes a brief description sterne apps android you will know more about the image. Once you have found a nice picture of space, you can also set the picture as the wallpaper on your Sterne apps android device. You will need an active Internet connection in order to view the images on your device. You can see a lot of objects in space.

There lay the shiny stars, our neighboring planets, the sun, the moon, and much more. We also have our human-made objects flying in space sterne apps android as the satellites.

You can use the app space junk lite to view the stars, sterne apps android, planets, constellation, and satellites right on your Android device. You can also tag the satellite you have found and share it on your Facebook account. Tag as many sterne apps android you can find and brag about them to your friends. Aside from sterne apps android, you can also use this app to view the stars, constellations, and planets.

You can also tag stars, constellations, and planets by just simply tapping on them. The Sky Map of Constellations app is your own one-stop guide and map of celestial bodies. This app lets you access the maps of the northern and southern stars. You can also directly access the Wikipedia pages of the constellations, galaxies, the solar system, and much more with this app.

The Sky Map of Constellations app is perfect for astronomers who want to add to their knowledge about celestial bodies. You can also view the star map of the Milky Way galaxy. For those who want to study the moon, the app also includes a moon map and detailed information about the moon. For more reference, you can access the Wikipedia pages of the stars, constellations, galaxies, planets, sun, and much more. This app is the ultimate all-in-one reference guide for astronomers and those who want to know about the celestial objects in space.

The app requires Internet access when accessing the Wikipedia pages and installing additional software within the app. Transform your Android device into an encyclopedia of celestial bodies with the Sky Map of Constellations app, sterne apps android. This app lets you travel through space and see the solar system through an interactive 3D interface. Tapping an object will bring you to its 3D image.

You can also scroll the 3D image and see the other side of a planet, sterne apps android. Each image also includes a brief description to buff up your knowledge about the solar system.

Images from this app are based on pictures taken from satellites. The app only features the moon, planets, sun, and other objects detected or estimated by satellites.

Nevertheless, this app is a fun and interactive way of learning about our solar system. You can also download the premium version for even more features such as high-definition images. What do you think of our best Android apps sterne apps android astronomy enthusiast and stargazers? Do you have apps to share that are not included on the list? Share your thoughts in a comment below. Sky Map for Android on AppBrain. Star Chart for Android on Sterne apps android. Comments Read comments, sterne apps android.

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