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The Fitbit Community is a gathering place for real people who wish to exchange ideas, solutions, tips, techniques, and insight about the Fitbit products and services they love. samsung s4 pairing rejected by charge hr; samsung s4 pairing rejected by charge hr SOLVED Options. Mark Topic as New are having issues at the moment to sync with. See which Fitbit tracker and app features are supported on your iOS, Android or Windows tablet or smartphone. Aug 09,  · Fitbit Alta HR depends on Bluetooth to sync with phone’s it’s connected with. While Bluetooth has evolved so much, problems would still occur every .

Fitbit Help - Which phones and tablets can I use with my Fitbit watch or tracker?

Interested in seeing if this helps any other users experiencing the same samsung galaxy s4 fitbit charge hr problems with Galaxy S4? It's all samsung galaxy s4 fitbit charge hr the food! What's Cooking? I did it all, resetting phone, deleting app, reinstalling app, nothing worked till now. I installed BLE Checker app from the google play store, I then deleted it since it showed everything was ok.

I then downloaded Bluetooth LE scanner, it found my fitbit one in seconds! Guess what, syncing is finally working with the app on my phone! Been driving me crazy for almost a week! Same issue since previous update last week. Never had a problem with my S4 until then. The update yesterday worked until I restarted my phone and now once again it cannot find details my tracker. Tried this Bluetooth LE and yes fit bit now sees my tracker, samsung galaxy s4 fitbit charge hr, says it's updating and goes through the motions but it doesn't actually update anything.

I just wish I could turn the clock back a fortnight. I have now disabled updates and hopefully if they finally put it back to where it was I can keep it that way and ignore any more hit and miss untested updates. Yes done all that and am on the same version of lolipop as yourself.

Such a shame as it all worked perfect up until the update last week. I will give it another week for them to samsung galaxy s4 fitbit charge hr it out but for the time being its just a waste sitting in my pocket all day.

Yes i have tried this, all of which seems to give me temporary access to my Fitbit. I will get a sync then have to go through the rigmarole of restarting etc just to get another sync. I just find it so annoying that it has worked perfectly since my purchase, well until their developers decided to destroy everything with shoddy work. Have you confirmed that your stats are transferring over to the online Dashboard at Fitbit, samsung galaxy s4 fitbit charge hr.

Peter Have you updated to the latest Fitbit App for Android 2. If after trying the latest update you are still unable to sync, I suggest giving our Android Beta App a try.

See ya around! Yes i have tried the update and it allowed me one update before losing my tracker. I just wish I could go back to before the sleep update which has messed everything up. I have installed the Beta now and that finds the tracker, the sync symbol seems to spin for ever then stops. It updated my steps but removed my exercise. I will just have to do without and wait and see if Fitbit get it working properly but certainly in the meantime I would certainly not recommend this product to anyone.

I will be shopping around myself for a better product that is supported properly. Peter I totally understand your frustration. As you've attempted all the troubleshooting steps I have suggested, I recommend you reach out to our Customer Support Team who can take a look into your account details to provide alternative troubleshooting steps.

FergIt Great to see you participating in the forums! To sign up, check out this post here and follow the directions to get onboard! Hope to continue hearing good results! Julzieq Welcome to the Community forums! Excited to see you participating and finding solutions! This worked for me! I have a Samsung Galaxy S4 and I tried to figure it samsung galaxy s4 fitbit charge hr for 2 hours before finding this post! I'm so happy that my fitbit is now syncing with my cell phone.

Thank you so much for posting!!! Turn on suggestions. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Showing results for. Search instead for. Did you mean:. Base Runner. Flag Post Message 1 of I seem to have solved the sync'ing issue between my phone and my Charge HR, it might work for other S4 owners?

I ran both apps. Sync'ing then commenced without any problems. I initially thought I'd have to run one or both apps to sync in future but the S4 and Charge HR are now sync'ing without either app running. S4 is running 5.

Hope this helps others, if anyone else uses this procedure please post your results. Accepted Solution, samsung galaxy s4 fitbit charge hr. All forum topics Previous Topic Next Topic. Fitbit Alum. Flag Post Message 2 of Erick Community Moderator It's all about the food! Flag Post Message 3 of Flag Post Message 4 of I've been playing round with it, Notifications is still not working unfortunately, not vital to me but it would be nice to have it.

Recovery Runner. Flag Post Message 5 of Flag Post Message 6 of Have you run 'BLE Checker' app? Also have you selected your Charge and selected 'connect' when it comes up on 'Bluetooth LE Scanner'?

A couple of times it hasn't connected for me on the first attempt so had to keep trying. Also my S4 is running 5. Flag Post Message 7 of Flag Post Message 8 of Yes, I am running 5.

I deleted the fit app, I would check to see if it located the tracker with no app and my phone would detect the device, it would not connect. I reinstalled the fit app, my battery was being drained rather quickly, it was constantly trying to connect all day with no luck. I did have temporary success when I took the battery out of my S4, only lasted an hour or two at the most, it has been 12 hours since I installed the bluetooth LE scanner app, still working.

Flag Post Message 9 of Flag Post Message 10 of Flag Post Message 11 of Flag Post Message 12 of This worked! Thank you so much!!! I have been going round with support via email and all I get are canned responses from different names. Completely worthless and disappointing.

My prior experience with Support for the One was so good, samsung galaxy s4 fitbit charge hr, I'm sorry to see how it's gone downhill. I was ready to start the process of returning my HR and abandoning Fitbit all together but you saved them.

I think they owe you a commission!!!! Flag Post Message 13 of I've played around with it a bit more. Call Notifications is still not working; attempting to enable it causes the on screen switch to shuttle on and off with no result. Peter - I bought my Charge HR only about 10 days ago so it hasn't been updated as far as I know - re-setting it shows 'V84' coming up on screen.

What version is your Charge? Flag Post Message 14 of Peter - sorry forgot to add the Fitbit app I'm using is Version 2. Flag Post Message 15 of Flag Post Message 16 of Thank you thank you thank you!

Finally a fix that worked. Thank you so much for posting! Moderator edit: format.


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There were a lot of reports about the Samsung Galaxy S4 that refuses to charge. In fact, the problem was listed as one of the most common issues any user could experience. Like any other problems. It seems turning off/re-starting the Samsung Galaxy S4 loses the connection between the Fitbit app and the Charge HR. Running 'Bluetooth LE Scanner' and scanning and connecting with the Charge HR seems to re-establish sync'ing. Jun 17,  · This is the Fitbit Charge HR I use: My first video of me unboxing my Fitbit & first impressions: Here.