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NuMobile was founded in and with the help of employers, nu mobile have become a leading smartphone provider to low-income workers in South Africa. Our goal is to provide employees with the necessary smart mobile technology to enable effective communication with their employers and colleagues. Through smartphone devices, we believe that employers and employees can enjoy an effective communication flow which allows for increased collaboration and productivity. We aim to offer employees reliable and affordable smartphones nu mobile the aid of their employer, at no risk to the employer.

We offer a wide range of services to your employees to assist them in the transition to smart devices. End-User support nu mobile affordable smartphones are the cornerstones of our company, ensuring that your employees understand how to nu mobile use their smart phones and other smart technology devices, nu mobile.

Several studies have been conducted to find out how technology, through the use of nu mobile and the internet, impacts employees in the workplace, nu mobile.

One such study is an international study conducted by Pew Research Center which sampled workers across all industries including those working in factories, farms and other sectors. This research revealed that workers nu mobile use the internet for communication purposes. The study also revealed that:, nu mobile. We believe that offering your employees an opportunity to obtain smartphone devices through NuMobile will result in employee satisfaction and increased engagement in the workplace.

A South African study revealed that the provision of employee benefit solutions can be a significant source of competitive advantage. The study goes on to highlight that retaining your employees actually saves the company money because every time a salaried employee is replaced, it can cost between 6 — 24 months of their salary, nu mobile, depending on the role.

Through our smart technology solutions, we give you an opportunity to provide your employees with smartphones that will add value to their lives and to your company.


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nu mobile


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