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Nokia N8 Symbian smartphone. Announced Apr Features ″ AMOLED display, 12 MP primary camera, mAh battery, 16 GB storage, MB RAM, Corning Gorilla joejonaschile.tks: 49K. Nov 05,  · N8 Usable Client Hi I recently got a NGreat8, like the build and features of the new device, but i cant find a usable client for, I have tried latest version of Mobbler, app installs and loads but when you play a radio station songs just keep skiping to next track and than app crahes. The Nokia N8 has quad band support on 2G and 3G and supports maximum speeds of Mbps on HSDPA and Mbps on HSUPA. Other connectivity options include Bluetooth with A2DP, Wi-Fi b/g/n and micro USB support. The N8 also has HDMI Out via a Mini HDMI port, USB on the Go support and comes with a FM Radio and FM Transmitter/5().

Nokia N8 - Full phone specifications

Have you tried this app? I am waiting my ordered Nokia 8 to ship next week and FM radio is also very important for me. Hey Asikis! Unfortunately whenever i tried to search the Next Radio app, it is not visible, when i search on browser from my laptop from my google account, it says This app is incompatible with all of your devices.

I've installed it and tried it, gives the same message. Im from London, UK. I think this app is mainly supported in US region. I have an Xperia ZR phone, nokia n8 last fm. Surprisingly, Nokia 3, 5, and 6 has FM radio. Hi TorpodeBaas. That was also what I was planning to do with my Nokia 8. Side-load the next radio app to the device, install it and test it.

But you wrote that you already did this and it didn't work Did you play with the settings for the region inside the application? The same situation with Snapdragon and chipsets was true also in US for models like S8 and older S7 etc. But Samsung gave an update and unlocked the functionality and made it working with the next radio app Samsung didn't provide its nokia n8 last fm home made FM radio app with that update.

So we can only hope for Nokia to make this working at the future, nokia n8 last fm. I haven't received my Nokia 8 yet. Need to think wise. Hey asikis! Can you alternative download it from sites like apkmonk or apksum? I cannot copy links here, I am not yet allowed. But first un-install existing version from your device. Maybe it makes some difference? Btw, i uninstalled the previous Next radio app one i got from my US friend the very first time when app crashed while opening when i tried to subscribe to their updates If you select another European country, e, nokia n8 last fm.

Germany or Italy, will the app continue and let you tune manually to nokia n8 last fm frequency? Or even in that case you get the screen that device is not compatible? I remember when I installed last year the Next Radio app via side loading to my HTC A9 that has FM radio built in but its own app was crap it also asked me to select my country.

Greece was not available so I selected Italy or Germany or something like this. Maybe I selected USA, do not recall now. After that step I was able to manually tune to a frequency e. The only issue I had was that if I wanted to tune to ,8 it was not possible as the app only accepted odd number after comma nokia n8 last fm. So i tuned to ,7 and then press the arrow to go to ,8 and was working like this fine.

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Play via Radio - a great name change and a feature sorely missed elsewhere


nokia n8 last fm


Apr 27,  · Nokia N8 does make for one compelling device with its ” capacitive touchscreen, megapixel camera with Xenon flash and p video capture at 25 frames per second, HDMI output, and Video on-Demand through the Ovi Store. Aside from its camera centric focus, the Nokia N8 is the first handset to run on the Symbian^3 OS. Sep 13,  · Yes, for Symbian Anna, the 'FM transmitter' in the N8, C7 has been officially renamed - it's now 'Play via Radio'. Which is a lot less geeky, in that it doesn't say how it's going to play via the radio, but at least the term shouldn't confuse anyone now.. In case you've been living under a stone for the last 4 years (this technology only became 'legal' in many countries at the start of The Nokia N8 is a touchscreen-based smartphone developed by joejonaschile.tkced on 27 April , the Nokia N8 was the first device to run on the Symbian^3 mobile operating system and it was the company's flagship device for the year. It was released on 30 September at the Nokia Online Store before being released in markets around the world on 1 October Availability by region: 30 September (Finland), .