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LiveEngage - joejonaschile.tk Jun 26,  · 7 meilleures applications IR Blaster aka TV Remote pour Android en by admin 06/26/ 06/26//5(5). Découvrez le tout nouveau Xperia Z1 Compact. Le meilleur de Sony dans un smartphone compact et étanche!. Voir plus d'idées sur le thème Compact, Smartphone et Sony xperia.

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Meilleures applications z1 is a fast-paced, meilleures applications z1, highly competitive, battle royale shooter. Parachute in and search for weapons, ammo, meilleures applications z1, vehicles and supplies to stay alive. As a toxic gas cloud compresses the map, develop your strategy and prepare for the spectacle of mayhem.

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I have spent some time in the new map Z2. I think it's an amazing map for KotK, meilleures applications z1. I'm not sure it's going to be a great map for survival. It was created with BR in mind. I'm not sure a "bowl" map that meilleures applications z1 into the center of the map is ideal for Just Survive. I'm not saying it's a bad map and I know many of us have been waiting a long time for the new map on Meilleures applications z1, but I don't think JS was being considered when it was being developed.

Meilleures applications z1 said it's gonna be less empty, they ended up making map with even more open empty sad space. I'm not ready for the direction this game might go. It's all going to come down to meilleures applications z1 loot spawns. Z2 will be just fine for JS. There may be lots of empty space but soon they will fill it with an international airport, a stadium and an amusement park!

Map is not big enough for planes, and there's no point in adding airport if you can't drive planes. Could meilleures applications z1 interesting place for battles and looting. I disagree with OP and agree with you. I think he's trying to start something between JS users and KotK. I agree. They're doing meilleures applications z1 great job there, but there is too many plains.

If we have trouble at the moment trying to hide our base from this "render bug" which makes our decks and tampers to not render the entire base and along with it our vehicles become visible trough the base walls and sheltersmeilleures applications z1, imagine in this new Z2 map!

It won't be possible anymore to hide vehicles there. Before someone starts to acuse me to be trying to defend the hoard style which is not possible anymore, thank godI would say: It's not about the vehicles itself. Try to look at this situation on the other perspective. Having this in mind, try to imagine if you live in an area and some folks lives relative close to you. You will meilleures applications z1 able to watch their base from the distance and you will be able to see if there is car or not inside it.

You could see all the bases which have cars or not. If you watch constant movement of vehicles on one base and not in the other, which base will you raid? Which base has more probability to have loot? Can you see the problem with this new map? I know what you mean, thats a good point, meilleures applications z1. This new map is just to open for survival.

It's an amazing map, much respect to the designers for KotK. It's currently only available on KOTK Test on some weekends when the devs need to get specific feedback on it. When they said that JS devs had zero input into Z2 that was the day I decided that this company was bullshit and I will likely never log into any of their games again. It is clear they don't care about h1z1 just survive, meilleures applications z1. Just open your eyes people. I ain't happy. Meilleures applications z1 i can convince people to not buy this game, not buy skins, and stop buying any game made by daybreak i will feel like at least i saved someone elses time and money.

Im still riding out my year subscription. I won't even play planetside 2 anymore except to log in and get my monthly daybreak cash. Im curious, not being a smartass, why log in and get the cash if you hate DGC so much?

What good is it to you if you won't play their games? Simply put. Because I spent the money already and canceling my subscription in protest didn't allow me to recoup the remainder of it. Also i don't hate them. They're just a shitty lying company.

I feel contempt for them and since i made a mistake in trusting them i feel compelled to warn others. I think it will be great for JS tbh. Free's up a lot of land that before was not able to build or do anything with, was also annoying just to travel around.

The new map will be a lot better IMO, meilleures applications z1. The only thing i wish for is that they spread loot out equally so not every one is heading to PV, granted i can see PV having some high tier loot cause everyone will head there anyway so it meilleures applications z1 be a danger zone. As long as they do the loot properly, meilleures applications z1, I actually like this 'bowl' method a lot more than current.

Right now, big clans can control all the points of interest. With the 'bowl' method, all the big clans will mostly be fighting within the middle of the map. Thus, smaller groups and solo players should still be able to manage well along the outsides and have their own space to grow.

On top of that, even if a big clan is along the outside of the map, there are tons of new locations along the outside of Z2, so there will be plenty that they don't control. I don't think I can agree with you here. No place to be "out of sight, out of mind". IM in a big clan and there is no "out of sight, meilleures applications z1, out of mind". WE have people constantly wandering the map looking for bases and hidden bases of our "enemies". We wont really hit really small groups unless they start talking crap.

Just by looking at a Z2 overview and messing around on kotk, it seems as if there are a ton more smaller points of interest along the edges with the exception of the dam. I don't think big clans will be able to control all of those as they currently can with Z1 points of interest.

Have you seen the heat maps of the the various play sessions players have? A bowl map will focu splayers together a lot more and leave less space unexplored I'm sure. The first time I went around the map, I told my friend, this world is not well done, you go around a mountain, it needs to be a bowl meilleures applications z1 where the centre is the focus, not city on the left of the map, meilleures applications z1.

I have seen the heat maps. This is Survival not Battle Royale. Hiding in low traveled areas is surviving. I agree the current terrain of the Z1 map is unfinished, but it's more suited for survival. Most people forget, this game started out as a survival game, BR popularity came after.

I am not against making money and since KotK makes them more money, meilleures applications z1, it's obvious the focus would be there first. I'm not hating for it. I just wish JS got more dev attention. Except that's not what meilleures applications z1 heat maps showed.

They showed overwhelming focus on the dam, PV, and Cranberry. The mountains just took up space, they might have "looked cool" but thats about it. Meilleures applications z1 one ever went up on them unless it was for BR's. Im glad they are doing it this way now.


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Jul 28,  · Z2 vs Z1 - Again JS Discussion. submitted 2 years ago by I don't need Flair DaHiZiNuTz. I have spent some time in the new map Z2. I think it's an amazing map for KotK. I'm not sure it's going to be a great map for survival. It was created with BR in mind. I'm not sure a "bowl" map that focuses into the center of the map is ideal for Just Survive. LiveEngage - joejonaschile.tk joejonaschile.tk a sélectionné pour vous les meilleures applications gratuites et indispensables pour profiter au maximum des capacités de votre joejonaschile.tk: Chloé Claessens.