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iphone hide keyboard programmatically

Sep 17,  · 9 HIDDEN FEATURES IN IOS 11 / ONE HANDED KEYBOARD / SELECT MULTIPLE APPS / NEW NIGHT MODE / IOS 11 - Duration: All I Talk Is Tech 8, views. Provide this language in native keyboard programmatically. Could someone guide me h Stack Overflow. iPhone: Change Keyboard language programmatically. Ask Question Asked 6 years, I saw there is an option to 'Add New Keyboard..' in Keyboard settings on the iPhone. Can't we even install our own language file into it through our program. How to show and hide keyboard on iPhone. When a user touches an input view (for example, a text field), the iOS automatically displays the keyboard on the. Ivan Babaja.

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By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information. First thing first I already saw this thread. I tried accepted methods given there. But nothing worked for me. In my first screen, I want username EditText to have focus on startup and Keyboard should be visible., iphone hide keyboard programmatically.

Iphone hide keyboard programmatically, the keyboard is not showing at startup. And my design badly requires a keyboard there. Now on to second page. I already said I have a listView and EditText there. I want my keyboard to be hidden on startup only to appear when the user touches the editText. Can you believe it? I am not able to hide it. And my problem is I am getting exact opposite on both occasion Hope someone faced this issue before.

Two answers worked for me, iphone hide keyboard programmatically. One provided by CapDroid, iphone hide keyboard programmatically, which is to use a handler and post it delayed. Second answers are provided by Dyarish, In fact, he linked to another SO thread, which I haven't seen before.

But the funny thing is that this solution is given in the thread which I referenced at the start. And I haven't tried iphone hide keyboard programmatically out because it had zero votes in a thread where all other posts have plenty of votes.

Height of foolishness. For me, the second solution looked neat, so I decided to stick with it. But the first one certainly works. But I haven't tried it, but it should work.

Not neat though. Only one answer worked for me, which iphone hide keyboard programmatically provided by Dyarish. And the solution is to use focusableInTouchMode settings in xml for the layout containing the editText's. This did the trick. Anyway, I end up using Dyarish's answer in both cases. So I am awarding the bounty to him. Thanks to all other friends who tried to help me.

This question has been asked before iphone hide keyboard programmatically already has an answer. If those answers do not fully address your question, please ask a new question. You want to add this line to your linear iphone hide keyboard programmatically that contains the EditTextBox. You should be able to play with this to solve both your problems. I have tested this. Simple solution. This is to make they Keyboard appear on the username edittextbox on startup.

All I've done is iphone hide keyboard programmatically an empty Scrollview to the bottom of the. I admit this is a hack, but I am assuming you just want this to work. I've tested it, and it works fine. If you are looking for a more eloquent solution, I've found this question which might help you out, it is not as simple as the solution above but probably a better solution.

I haven't tested it but it apparently works. I think it is similar to the solution you've tried which didn't work for you though. I tried very hard and found out a solution EDIT : If its still not working then probably you are putting it at the wrong place. Learn more. First 10 Free. Asked 8 years ago. Active 2 months ago. Viewed k times. I have two screens in my app. On SecondPage I want the keyboard to be hidden first, only to appear when the user touches editText And my problem is I am getting exact opposite on both occasion To Show keyboard on startup Two answers worked for me.

To hide keyboard at activity start Only one answer worked for me, which is provided by Dyarish. Udara Abeythilake 1 1 gold badge 11 11 silver badges 25 25 bronze badges.

Krishnabhadra Krishnabhadra I tried with different flags instead of 0 too. Please post the full layout. Glad it worked for you.

Hope this is what you are looking for. Dave Dave 2, 4 4 gold badges 23 23 silver badges 44 44 bronze badges.

Well Dyarish, Your solutions certainly hide the keyboard. Hey Krishnabhadra, I have two potential solutions that should work. The first is kind of a hack, but I've tested this with your code and it works. I'll admit I don't know why, but it's likely due to properties of this view I've edited my answer to reflect these solutions. Let me know if this works for you, iphone hide keyboard programmatically.

Funnily enough, only the ScrollView solution worked, I tried the other "more eloquent" solutions and they did not, iphone hide keyboard programmatically. The Scroll View however makes the keyboard appear only on first startupiphone hide keyboard programmatically, meaning that if you lock the screen iphone hide keyboard programmatically come back, then it will no longer be triggered.

As such, I used the following stackoverflow. Niranj Patel Niranj Patel The only difference is you tried Service. Also I tried as your suggestion and added requestFocus but to no avail. Anyway thanks for the suggestion.

Not working., iphone hide keyboard programmatically. Getting frustrated. The postDelayed solution works for me too. Try this code. Lalit Poptani Lalit Poptani Are you sure arguments to toggleSoftInput for showing keyboard is right? I asked because toggleSoftInput documentation tells first arguement is flag for showing and second argument is flag for hiding. You gave InputMethodManger. Thats why I asked? Anyway I tried both ways. It has to be [imm.

Did you try InputMethodManager. Ronnie Ronnie I tried with InputMethodManager. Also I just passed 0 instead of these constants too. Nothing worked. I have editer my question. BTW how to use second method showSoftInput? I can't find that in the documentation. Infact onFinishInflate is a method in View class.

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iphone hide keyboard programmatically


Possible Duplicate: Close/hide the Android Soft Keyboard First thing first I already saw this thread. I tried accepted methods given nothing worked for me.. Programmatically Hide/Show Android Soft Keyboard [duplicate] Ask Question set focus + soft input programmatically. Aug 07,  · newbie question on keyboard. I have a simple UI with a text field and password field. When return key is pressed, the keyboard does not disappear even though I have added the delegate that implements the callback methods. Also, if user does not press return but click on the button, how do I programmatically hide the keyboard? Wayne. Sep 17,  · 9 HIDDEN FEATURES IN IOS 11 / ONE HANDED KEYBOARD / SELECT MULTIPLE APPS / NEW NIGHT MODE / IOS 11 - Duration: All I Talk Is Tech 8, views.