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iphone 3gs baseband 6.15.00 gps fix

Dec 06,  · Be careful if you update to iPad baseband and unlock. You may lose GPS temporarily, if not forever. Baseband GPS iPhone Experiment 1 of 2 Restore & Update iPhone 3Gs/3G To. One of readers has suggested a possible workaround to make the GPS on your iPhone 3G or 3GS work again after upgrading your iPhone to baseband version Currently we are still waiting for the baseband fix from the iPhone Dev Team. This workaround will also work on other apps Read more >. Jul 07,  · Hurrah! – a way to downgrade your iPhone 3Gs or 3G baseband from the iPads to which is also an unlockable baseband. What this means is that you can at last fix your intermittent GPS and use location services on your iPhone and also still have the benefit of an unlocked baseband that ultrasn0w supports which you can use any SIM card and are not locked to a network .

Sn0wBreeze — Fix GPS on Baseband / Support 9B

Click Jailbreak button. Disable Cydia if you already have it installedand click Next. This step is very important to avoid mount problems when the iphone 3gs baseband 6.15.00 gps fix is running! Now click Next. Follow the on-screen instruction to put your iPhone into DFU mode.

Once the jailbreak process is completed, RedSn0w will tell you that rest of the process will be performed on the device. Please just let it be for the next minutes! When the ramdisk has done its job it will reboot the phone on its own.

After the reboot, your iPhone 3GS will be running I have Iphone 3gs, serial number xx, I tried downgrading, but bb is still Uninstall UltraSn0w and reinstall. I have the same issue x: did it on 5. Any1 with new bootrom have actually tried? New bootrom, downgraded perfectly on 3Gs IOS 5.

I tried to downgrade BB many times, but iphone 3gs baseband 6.15.00 gps fix still stuck on 6. Was there any wrong with this? My friends also had the same thing. Iphone 3gs baseband 6.15.00 gps fix help, iphone 3gs baseband 6.15.00 gps fix.

It worked great for saving my problem with the GPS. Thank a lot to MuscleNerd and your work is so great. The same here, but my 3gs is running new bootrom. I used to be on 4. Now I am waiting, iphone 3gs baseband 6.15.00 gps fix, till someone would tell what I am doing wrong. My was still the same thing and with 6.

No my phone is working fine. Hello guys, please i need help!!! Please HELP :[. I have 3G iOS 4. My phone is 3gs with iOS4. How do i downgrade BB to 5. Do i need to upgrade to IOS 5. No downgrade. Everything done according to the instructions above and seemed to go OK. Still on WiFi OK but occasionally drops for secs and goes back to full strength.

Any clue, any advice?? Hope that the updated version will cure all the problems. Thanks Tomas. That worked. Phone back. My hope remains for the coming update of It worked like charm. First attempt was unsuccessful. DFU mode unsuccessful. It completed all steps but no Wifi and no signal.

I did the dteps again, iphone 3gs baseband 6.15.00 gps fix. After completing all steps, its up and running. Thanks Dev-Team!! You are great! I downgraded from 6. Everything is ok. How can I check it? After downgrade from 6. How can I solve this problem? Good job with this new RedSnow, I succsesfully downgraded bb The GPS works great, battery life seems to be the same. Good luck to all, iphone 3gs baseband 6.15.00 gps fix. Thank you Musclenerd! Worked like a charm.

Evil After more than a year my 3Gs is finally complete — GPS working. Worked fine but I got BB So do i want a phone or a GPS? Hi thank you for the new redsnow at the begining I tried downgrade and ended with no wifi,no Mac address and no baseband all I did uninstalled mobile substrate and ultrasn0w rebooted. I did it and it looked like it worked but it still shows the the red disabled screen after turning back on.

Mine doesnt show the ramdisk image, just a black screen with led light, and stays for a very long time, and i stil get the bb Tried it today and Iphone 3G with baseband 6. Also unlokking wit UltraSn0w works fine! Hey guys, im running a 3g on 4. IS this normal? I am a little worried. A little help would be great, justjoeblogger on googles email.

Thanks guys. I forgot to say i checked the bootrom and is new bootrom … but the serial nuber digits is so ithink it may work but i need to be shure. Thanks a lot. Yeah it seems thats my pc problem, i did updated it but now i cant downgrade it …. I was unlocked on 6. I see nothing about this in the instructions.

If anyone has any wisdom, please chime in…. I selected to downgrade BB and install Cydia. When it was finished, it said it was tethered. And after a few more tries to upgrade to a non-tethered one, the iphone is stuck in a white screen boot. Downgraded from 6. Please help! Network service was erratic and always going off intermittently. I discovered that I was to downgrade the baseband to 5. After downgrading, the network issue persisted, so I found that I had to uninstall and re-install Mobile substrate and Ultrasn0w for the network service to be restored.

I was able to uninstall but could not re-install as the service totally went off and I have no Wi-fi to use as an alternative. I need to re-install the Mobile substrate but could not so I uninstalled Cydia Installer as well thinking I could get it back by re-jailbreaking. This is however not working. Kindly lease help me out pleaaaase? Just try to make the iphone 3gs baseband 6.15.00 gps fix again 6. Idk why i had some issues too. First downgrade was a total fail no wi-fi, no gps, no sim, no baseband showing.

After that happened, i just reupgrade the baseband than again downgrade. Thank you for your response, Dragos. I tried restoring it with itunes but it got stuck in recovery mode with error How do I get it out of recovery mode and ensure a permanent fix? Had this problem before.


Downgrade iPhone 3GS / 3G Baseband To Baseband to Unlock, Fix GPS


iphone 3gs baseband 6.15.00 gps fix


Mar 06,  · One of the coolest features I basically fell in love with my previous iPhone 3G, is the fact that I could use GPS without having a data plan, or a WiFi network available. However, due to the limitations while unlocking a 3Gs using an iPad baseband (), the GPS seemed to be affected, and push notifications as well. Jun 18,  · MuscleNerd has finally released RedSn0w b1 to downgrade iPhone 3GS / 3G baseband to baseband which can be unlocked with UltraSn0w and also fixes the GPS, stock firmware issues incurred on iPhone 3GS/3G due to iPad baseband In this guide you’ll learn how to downgrade iPhone 3GS / 3G to baseband using RedSn0w b1. Dec 06,  · Be careful if you update to iPad baseband and unlock. You may lose GPS temporarily, if not forever. Baseband GPS iPhone Experiment 1 of 2 Restore & Update iPhone 3Gs/3G To.