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Dec 05,  · HTC Windows Phone 8X (Verizon) Review HTC supplements the Windows Phone apps store with its on branded apps store. There is also a HTC-branded hub with weather, stock and news updates from CNN Carrier: Verizon. The HTC Windows Phone 8X at ours. The Beats audio label has finally been made to count as the HTC Windows Phone 8X offers a specially designed amplifier, while the wide selection of available Reviews: Oct 29,  · The Windows Phone 8X. Reversing a habit of putting merely a token effort into its Windows Phone range, HTC is greeting the launch of Microsoft’s eighth mobile OS with a /10(4).

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HTC had a rough ride this year. It went from being one of the most promising Android smartphone manufacturers, to getting its butt kicked by Samsung, which rose to prominence with its Galaxy phones. Find out below. Do you like bright colors? So does HTC. All of these colors make a bolder statement than the typical white and gray phones that almost everyone totes around these days. The bright colors are complimented by a seamless unibody shell, which has a gentle arc and curve to it.

Add to that rounded edges, a flush camera, and a rubberized coating, htc windows mobile 8x review, and you have a very comfortable phone to hold. The power button and volume rocker surround the upper right corner of the 8X, making them easy to press.

The 4. This is, unfortunately, something most smartphone users are already used to performing. Even the new iPhone requires some shuffling. After you watch this instructional video you may feel better about it. Oh, Windows Phone. Hopefully, the wide availability of the 8X and Windows Phone 8 devices will finally give Windows Phone some momentum. If you absolutely despise Windows Phone, then nothing in Windows Phone 8 will change your mind, but there are some notable enhancements, all of which the HTC 8X takes good advantage of.

For starters, the WP8 Start screen is now a lot more customizable. You can resize Live Tiles a mixture between a widget and an app shortcut to be one of three different sizes, htc windows mobile 8x review, opening up your screen to hold a lot more info. Live Tiles are how Windows Phone gets away with not having a notification drawer — a conceit Apple made with the iPhone 4S. In addition to the new Start screen, Microsoft has added new features like Rooms, which lets you gather a group of your friends or family and communicate as a group.

For a tight-knit family, or a family that desires to be tight-knit, this could be a great feature. The downside: It makes it easier for over-engaged parents to drive their kids nuts. Peace and htc windows mobile 8x review is becoming a rarity in the age of the smartphone.

Data Sense is another great feature, but only available on Verizon at this moment. It allows you to monitor your data usage each month and see what apps are running up your meter. Kids Corner is a good way to shut your kids up for 10 minutes.

This can store your credit cards and PayPal account info for making on-phone purchases. In any case, the functionality is not being promoted or easy to use, at this point.

Finally, Camera Lenses allow you to use any other camera-based apps right from the main camera app in the phone. We found it easy to apply filters to our photos using this app, htc windows mobile 8x review.

During its recent WP8 press conference, Microsoft boasted that it now has 46 of the top 50 apps. Windows Phone 7. No more. This is the same processor that powers the U. The extra processing power has helped Windows Phone become a lot more responsive on the 8X than it has been on older devices. The 8X has a gorgeous screen. The 8X also has your standard audio jack, Bluetooth 3. Our LTE speeds have been pretty standard, htc windows mobile 8x review, as has phone reception.

Windows Htc windows mobile 8x review began as an MP3 player called Zune, and its origins still shine through. Download functionality is included in the Music app, but you cannot download whole albums at once. The Podcast section of the app is similarly limited.

Instead, you must visit each radio show individually to see if you have new episodes. Hopefully these limitations will be smoothed out in the future. Other audio apps, like Spotify, are available in the Windows Store.

It performed well against the iPhone 5 camera, which is currently our favorite among top devices. On default settings, the 8X performed better in dimly lit spaces. However, when it comes to color reproduction, balance of light, and depth, the iPhone 5 does appear to have an edge. The 8X camera seems to make things too bright, grainy, or washed out. Htc windows mobile 8x review it to any smartphone camera htc windows mobile 8x review of the iPhone and the 8X would likely give it a run for its money.

The front camera is 2. Your parents will be able to see more of your darling face when they Skype in. Now how can we vote against that? Windows Phone has a decent battery saving feature and manages life better than Android devices, so you can expect a full day of juice out of the 8X. Because you have the ability to control background tasks, battery life is in your hands more than most phones. Smart users should be just fine with the 8X. It is the first WP8 device we can recommend to those hunting for a top-notch superphone over the holidays.

Give it a try before you commit to Android or iPhone. And next time you see someone walking around with a purple phone, you may want to hold back your laughter. They may be holding one of the best phones on the market. DT Editors' Choice.

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htc windows mobile 8x review HTC Windows Phone 8X user opinions and reviews. Apr 05,  · The Good The HTC Windows Phone 8X's edgy design joins forces with a top-of-the-line processor, LTE speeds, and great call quality. The Bad This phone's 8 . Dec 05,  · HTC Windows Phone 8X (Verizon) Review HTC supplements the Windows Phone apps store with its on branded apps store. There is also a HTC-branded hub with weather, stock and news updates from CNN Carrier: Verizon.