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Jun 25,  · 03 Stock Ratings. Stock Ratings is a free app for iPhone and iPad that helps you choose stocks for your portfolio and can help you decide when to sell, buy and hold stocks. Get a daily summary of analyst upgrades, downgrades, and new coverage every day the market is open along with earnings announcements and dividend news. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow more. Nov 28,  · The new homepage. This is the new Google Finance homepage. It shows information on stocks or companies that you've recently searched. In this case, we looked up Nvidia and Netflix. At the bottom, Google recommends stocks. The right of the screen gives a snapshot of U.S. and global Todd Haselton.

The Best Stock Market Apps for the iPhone and iPad

She was frustrated that there were "personal blackout periods" in the trading day when she was entirely disconnected from the stock market -- for example, while she was ferrying kids around or at lunch with friends.

Her situation wasn't unique. During our research visits, we had been hearing similar concerns from people who need to stay connected to the market. If you are following the markets throughout the day, check out google finance app ipad real-time streaming quotes in your portfolio, google finance app ipad, fast stock look-ups with search auto-suggestion, and 'recent quotes' to make it even easier receive quotes on-the-go.

For each stock, you can see detailed quotes, charts and news, and any change you make to your portfolio automatically syncs up with the Google Finance website. So now you don't have to worry about setting up a separate portfolio on your phone. Labels: androidgoogle finance. Falbhan said Android isn't quite far enough along for me to jump ship, but I would looove something like this for my Blackjack II.

March 3, at PM. Robb Rail said Tried it, loved it. Just got google finance app ipad G1 with android and it is amazing how many good new apps have come out this week.

Mariano said Can we have the list of functionnality provides by this app? March 4, at AM. Nikolas said Please, please get this working for London Stock Exchange shares. Why can't you show the same data as the Google Finance Web site? Other than that, great app! I installed this last night, but I'm not syncing with my online Google Finance Portfolio. The portfolio tab just shows a blank screen with an "add ticker" button. When I press the button, nothing happens.

Jay Liew said March 4, at PM. Here's what is missing: volume, popular technical indicators. Google Finance as a whole, is lacking on the technical indicators, so it's google finance app ipad a critique of Google Finance than this app.

But I'm not sure why volume was left out of this app. This app has a ways to go before it matches the quality of Quote Pro, my favorite stock app. Middenklasse said I downloaded the app, it seems to be very good. However I can't login with my google account my google account has a non-gmail domain. March 5, at AM. Fergie said Great app, much better than any of the existing ones.

Just need the team to add support for UK and other European markets please TimHuckle said A great appwell done. Is streaming done via a comet implementation or frequent polling? At the very least, a mobile stock page would be nice. The current full-size page doesn't fit very well on the x resolution of a WM device, google finance app ipad.

March 5, at PM. Carlos said Quote pro is much more advanced than google finance, google finance app ipad, there is a wide variety of tools google finance lacks. There are no ways to compare the stocks with other stocks, google finance app ipad indicators.

I would love something like this for my BlackBerry, I'm always visiting the full Google Finance site on my browser and then have to zoom in to see my portfolio or google finance app ipad charts and it takes much longer to load.

This would be awesome though! V Ellis Tsai said March 6, at PM. Me again, google finance app ipad. I read your sentence "If you're in the US, google finance app ipad can now download Finance for Android from Android Market" as if you made the app only available for the US for no special reason.

Hence the comment about this being the new black. After I just found out that I can download the app from outside the US I take my comment back and like to say that the app rocks.

Thanks for that. Abigail Shaw said Must check this out -- please advise a non-tech tech admirer, google finance app ipad. March 7, at AM. Makes no sense anyway because I can log in to Finance on my PC using the non-gmail regular account.

Can't anybody get anything right the first time? March 7, at PM. Andrew Schmitt said March 9, at PM. We are all tired of waiting for you. Every day that passes you become a little bit more like Microsoft. We will start calling you Google-Soft Google finance app ipad Johnston said I also am wondering when you will bring this to the iPhone.

I realize that now with Android on the market Google will likely develop for it first, google finance app ipad, but please don't forget about the iPhone users. I seriously considered the G1 when I bought my iPhone last December.

One of the reason I chose the iPhone over the G1 was coverage. In my area, New Orleans, T-mobile's coverage is so small that it is almost useless and it is not one of their 3G cities. I feel that Google is not biased the release of Android but your actions up until now are making me reconsider.

March google finance app ipad, at AM. March 12, at AM. The Author said March 24, at AM. March 26, at PM. March 28, at AM. My G1 is logged into my Apps for Domains account and syncs my email and calendar perfectly. But I have to use a regular google account to log in to things like Finance and Picasa. Worked great when I first downloaded them. But when I changed my log in email address in my regular google account, things stopped working. Finance and Picasa Uploader try to login with the old email address.

There's no way to change this in the app - no way to update the google finance app ipad information for my regular google account. Therefore the google-developed Finance and Picasa Uploader apps are rendered useless.

Any response? I just signed up with Tmobile. I'd rather not cancel the service. But I need you to tell me how to change the log in for Finance and Picasa Uploader and other google-developed apps that I assume will have this problem too and still have my phone sync with my Apps for Domains email and calendar.

Please advise. March 30, at PM. Post a Comment. Newer Post Older Post Home. News and notes from the Google Mobile team. Visit one of our other product blogs for specific mobile product news. Search This Blog. Labels android iphone 79 google maps for mobile 60 google search 45 BlackBerry 25 gmail for mobile 21 google latitude 21 Google Mobile Search 19 windows mobile 17 google mobile ads 14 google maps navigation 12 youtube 12 google goggles 11 palm webos 10 google voice 9 search by voice 9 ipad 8 symbian 8 Google Apps 7 google sync 6 enterprise 4 google buzz 4.

March 3, at PM Robb Rail said


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google finance app ipad


Enjoy millions of the latest Android apps, games, music, movies, TV, books, magazines & more. The simplest finance app to keep track of expense/ income & plan budget ahead 👍 Featured Apps with Google Pay For faster checkout in these apps. See more. Google Pay: Pay with your phone and send cash. Google LLC. The fast, simple way to pay. Browse and download Finance apps on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch from the App Store. The App Store has a wide selection of Finance apps for your iOS device. Sep 08,  · Download Yahoo Finance and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. ‎Your #1 finance destination to track the markets and the economy. Follow the stocks you care about most and get personalized news and alerts/5(K).