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Save on a huge range of cordless phones from top brands including Uniden, Panasonic & Telstra with awesome features at JB Hi-Fi. LG SIGNATURE W9 Wallpaper 65" 4K UHD OLED TV. Experience OLED’s extraordinary contrast, stunning colour and hair-raising blacks. The Alpha 9 Gen2 Intelligent Processor is a revolutionary improvement to your viewing and sound experience. Sony HTRT40 ch Sound Bar with Tall Boy Speakers. ch/W Sound Bar with wired, rear tall-boy speakers, for true surround-sound; Bluetooth with NFC for music playback from Smartphones and SongPal App control.

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Though a little known fact about JB Hi Fi is that it is easier than you may think to ask for a bargain, negotiate and get a better price — all you have to do is ask for a discount.

Here we describe the best ways to get a JB Hi Fi discount using price matching and some tricky sales tactics that JB Hi Fi would not like us telling you. Failing that, you can always try Kogan. Why do I tell you this? Well because asking for a discount is encouraged. The goal here is to obtain a baseline quote for the product you wish to buy, ideally in writing, however a verbal quote is also OK. This will help you establish a base price to work from. Bing Lee is a great retailer to visit as they are quite competitive and if you ask them for their best cash price, they will likely go pretty low.

Find a JB staff member and explain what you want to buy Tell the staff member you are ready to purchase your product, but need them to help you out with a deal. State the previous quoted price and ask if they can please discount the product further for a quick sale. They will then offer you a price.

Tell them the deal is accepted conditionally with one more thing If the price they offer you is better than your original quote; accept it, conditionally. What do I mean? Let me explain. When you go to JB Hi Fi for your discounted purchase, go knowing all of the accessories your purchase will require. Now is the time to haggle down the price by bundling them into your larger purchase. Accessories and smaller items carry much larger margins when it comes to electronics.

This means JB Hi Fi have significant room to move on price. So tell your sales assistant that you will definitely purchase the big ticket item at the agreed price; as long as they help you out on the price of your required accessories.

Given that the staff member has now invested a significant amount of time with you; they will happily oblige you with a range of accessories at a reduced rate; I can almost guarantee it. Using your cheap smartphones jb hi fi quote you have haggled a better price at JB Hi Fi cheap smartphones jb hi fi received a rock bottom price and significantly discounted accessories that would have otherwise cost you full retail price at another retailer.

Apple computers, laptops and iPads Apple products have significantly lower profit margins. This is done intentionally by Apple to control pricing across multiple retailers. This means that most big ticket Apple items only have a few dollars profit built cheap smartphones jb hi fi and means JB are less likely, if not unable, to move on price, cheap smartphones jb hi fi.

The products are popular and customers expect to find such items at JB. The products drive significant foot traffic into the store, which leads to other purchases, cheap smartphones jb hi fi.

Apple accessories make JB lots of money; they have huge margins. So while JB may be unable to move greatly on Apple products, the accessories have a lot of room for bargaining and discounts.

Do you have any other tips on how to get a discount at JB Hi Fi? Please tell us in the comments below; we would love to hear any tips or tricks you use to get a discount when making a purchase at JB. Alternatively, cheap smartphones jb hi fi, share with us the product you purchased and how much money you saved by asking for a better price.


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cheap smartphones jb hi fi


Here you can find all the JB Hi-Fi stores in Perth. To access the details of the store (location, opening hours, website and current offers) click on the location or the store name. More information about JB Hi-Fi View all JB Hi-Fi stores JB Hi-Fi in Perth - Catalogues, specials and coupons. JB Hi-Fi: 1, customer reviews on Australia's largest opinion site joejonaschile.tk out of 5 stars for JB Hi-Fi in Electronics & Computing Shops. If you're wanting to buy a mobile phone outright, JB have a large range available to choose from. Discover the models, brands + deals we have available. JB Hi-Fi.