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best free adventure games for iphone 2019

May 09,  · These free best iOS RPG games also known as Role-playing games for iPhone and iPad are ranks by PlayScore. A standard rating that averages gamer and critic reviews. Home» 15 Best iOS RPG Games on iPhone and iPad 15 Best iOS RPG Games on iPhone and iPad May 9, A brand new sidesplitting South Park adventure that’s brimming Author: Elis Paul. With the touch screen in many ways being a perfect interface for the genre, iOS has become a popular platform for playing adventure games. Many classic PC adventure games have already been ported to iPhone and iPad, and some new releases have been created exclusively for Apple devices. Aug 04,  · The iPhone has arguably the best games of any mobile platform. Come check out our picks of the best iPhone games for every genre. We have Author: Mark Jansen.

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Knowing your enormous fascination for scintillating gaming, we have compiled the top 10 adventure games for iPhone and iPad in What makes them worthy of your attention is the intriguing concept, best free adventure games for iphone 2019.

So, ready to venture into an unknown territory to showcase your expertise as a fine gamer? As someone who enjoys killing free times with exciting games, best free adventure games for iphone 2019, I have a pretty soft corner for adventure games.

I like going after the ones, which offer a bit of mystery and puzzle. Having given a try to several options, I have rounded up the top iPhone and iPad adventure games, which you would like to take a shot at!

Considering different taste and preference, I have chosen a variety of adventure games for iDevice. So, whether you are fond of terrifying plots or relish playing action-packed games or prefer the ones that demand you to think tactically, the list can help you find a perfect launching pad for your endless hours of fun!

Talking about the story, you have been selected to attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry where you have to learn magical best free adventure games for iphone 2019 like brewing potions and casting spells.

You need to explore Hogwarts Castle and investigate ancient mysteries. You have a great opportunity to master the tricks of the trade with the help of great professors like Dumbledore and Snape. Dedicate yourself to unlock new characters and even spells to stay ahead best free adventure games for iphone 2019 others. Moreover, you can also customize your avatar to look standout!

Price: Free Download. Deservedly ranked at number 5 in adventure category, Temple Run 2 has to be your prime option if you are all geared up to go on best free adventure games for iphone 2019 endless running and jumping spree! During your marathon run, you have to avoid several hurdles like cliffs, zip lines, and mines.

New obstacles are added from time to time to ensure you always have a different challenge to go against. Go past everything that tries to block your path to collect a lot of power-ups and special achievements. Travel the world, fall in love with an adorable person and push yourself harder to crack puzzles. With 90 chapters and over riddles at your disposal, you have a lot to explore. Best free adventure games for iphone 2019 can invite your friends to compete with you.

And yes, win a lot of points to be the most dominant detective and rule the leaderboard! This game is compatible with iPad only. Imagine a situation where you have been shunned out of your village and left alone to struggle for resurrection.

Oddmar has to put his best foot forward to get back his lost esteem. One day, he gets a chance to prove himself but at a certain price, best free adventure games for iphone 2019. The game offers 24 levels of physics-based puzzles that can put your cognizance to the stern test.

Throughout your journey, you will encounter new friends and foes. While passing through magical forests, snowy mountains and treacherous mines, best free adventure games for iphone 2019, you will need to be at your guard, else your defeat will be just around the corner!

Love watching horror films? Can they save their lives? You have tons of mysteries to solve. Another thing that I find appreciable in this game is that it allows you to determine every aspect of the story. Furthermore, there is a best free adventure games for iphone 2019 conversation system that impacts the story and your relationships as per the decision you take. You can team up with your friends and other players from around the world and head into a real-time multi-player mode to showcase your heroics.

Embrace the avatar of archer, wizard or knight to decimate your enemies. Make the most of robust gears and stunning skills to empower yourself so that you stay ahead in the battle. The game offers a great many customization options. Hence, you have more freedom to bring some personalization into the play. You will have a thrilling time in snowboarding with Alto and his friends.

Explore the fascinating alpine hills, villages, ancient woodlands, and the ruins. With the dynamic lighting and weather effects like thunderstorms, blizzards, fog, rainbows, and shooting stars, your snowboarding is incredibly fun-loving.

There are richly handcrafted goals to encounter. As each one of them is filled with different challenges, you will have a very busy time. Broken Age is an amazing combination of adventure and puzzle. If you have a liking for solving riddles, you will find this one right on the money for your free times.

The story is about two teenagers—Vella Tartine and Shay Volta. They are in different worlds but in identically strange situations.

The thing that I have found adorable in this game is that players can easily switch between their stories. Best free adventure games for iphone 2019, they can have desired control over their lives and how they wish to deal with unexpected situations. If you admire superhero games, you would love playing Batman. The Riddler has come back to decimate Gotham City. You have not just to play the role of a savior but also solve his gruesome puzzles.

The story is full of deceptions, and you have got to be at your very best to see-through them. It includes episode 1 of a 5 part series from the award-winning studio, Telltale Games, best free adventure games for iphone 2019. A great mix of puzzle and adventure, Thimbleweed Park can bring a lot of fun into your gaming.

In this game, you can choose to play as five characters to unearth the mystery of a town where everything is in the horrific state. It features two modes—casual and hard, which you can choose depending on your skill level.

You will have a challenging time solving the dreading riddle of the haunted hotel, dead body lying under the bridge and several other things that would be in a mysterious state. Can you go to the root of the issue and discover why that happened?

If you ever get stuck, you can take the help of hints to get over the line. Live through the adventure of Cid when he travels through different premises of darkness. Fight evil and experience the horror throughout the journey. The gameplay and the storyline are addictive with different puzzles, quirky visuals, and sound effects.

There are in total 38 game center achievements that you can win over your gaming journey. Besides that, the game has full English dubbing and some classic humor along the way. You will need to pay upfront in order to experience this game. This one is one of my all-time favorite adventure games. Get into the role of Manny Calavera, travel agent at the Department of Death who sells lucrative packages to souls. But suddenly he finds himself in trouble due to a conspiracy. The dynamic lighting and hi-res character textures add a feather in its cap.

The game offers you seven awesome environments to explore. You will need to master 11 enemies pattern to survive the onslaught of your opponents. Like listening to music while playing? With superb soundtrack the game keeps you entertained.

Guessing, you have chosen a fantastic option for your gaming time. Which one is it and what are the features that have appealed you? Do share your feedback and your favorite games down below in the comments. Reviews Games. Jignesh Padhiyar. Last Updated: July 16, pm. Sponsored Links. Tags Adventure Games iPad iPhone. During his tight schedule, Jignesh finds some moments of respite to share side-splitting contents on social media. Related Articles.

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best free adventure games for iphone 2019


Best iOS RPG Games - iPhone and iPad Games Best iOS Games - Top Rated Games by Category Best iOS Adventure Games - iPhone and iPad Games Author: John Corpuz. Free iPhone games have a reputation for being rubbish and full of IAP. But loads of superb free titles await your twitchy gaming thumbs – if you know where to look. To save you the effort of Author: Craig Grannell. With the touch screen in many ways being a perfect interface for the genre, iOS has become a popular platform for playing adventure games. Many classic PC adventure games have already been ported to iPhone and iPad, and some new releases have been created exclusively for Apple devices.